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Title: Pine gliders...
Post by: asoule on February 16, 2017, 05:54:56 PM
New member here with a first post, although, I have been obsessively reading over your shoulders for some time.  Thank you to all the contributors. My son and I have learned a ton and are having a blast building gliders.  We wanted to show off our gliders made purely from eastern white pine.  This was a bit of an experiment, primarily because we have pine and wanted to be frugal.  We plan on building with balsa in the future, but it's nice to know that pine gliders do fly.   Below is our collection of gliders.  The first 2 pictures are my fleet, while the next pictures are my 10 yr old sons.  After building one with him he is now building entirely independently.  While I do not expect the performance many of you are getting with your models, each of the gliders flies great within the confines of our living room (even the 2" wingspan models fly somewhat).  We can not test them outside yet due to the many feet of snow here in Maine, but we did bring them to our school gym one day.  We left with more parts than we started with  :).  In the last picture is my son's first glider made from a dowel and some birch bark stolen from a firewood log (did not fly).  Our next project is going to be a 16" pine glider inspired by the Midmat.  I hope to build a balsa one too for some fun comparison flights. 

Cheers, and thanks again.

Title: Re: Pine gliders...
Post by: skycafe on February 16, 2017, 06:17:00 PM
awesome!   Seriously, if you are having fun with your son, that far outweighs any sort of win in some sort of contest.  If you learn, if you share, that far outweighs anything else.