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Author Topic: Keith Rider R-2 - a little bragging  (Read 867 times)
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« on: August 11, 2012, 06:09:15 PM »

Last weekend, at the August Cloudbusters contest in Flint, MI, my old (circa 1998) Peanut Keith Rider R-2 took second place in peanut (out of 3) with a 52 second windy-day flight.  This flight was a little costly, as the little plane lost it's noseblock and suffered cracks in the wings and fuselage because of the rough conditions.

That was last Sunday.  I had Monday and Tuesday evening to patch together the body and make a new noseblock before taking off early Wednesday morning for the AMA Nats in Muncie, IN.  I got all that done, but the poor plane is starting to show it's age.

Peanut was flown on the last day - Friday (yesterday).  Anyone who lives in the midwest knows that the weather at the end of this week was terrible - windy and rainy.  Friday was no different in central Indiana - it was cold, windy and rainy to start the day, with the promise of getting worse.  My first test flights were flown with a mist in the air and a very wet grass field.  I needed to take long breaks between flights to let the tissue dry - it still remained saggy all day.

I finally got it somewhat trimmed and called for some official flights.  I was able to get two flights of in the mid-30 second range.  That would have to do; it was still early (before noon) and maybe the wind and clouds would break later on.  I only had one flight left and wanted slightly better conditions, if possible.

Most of the day was spent staying out of the weather, chatting with friends, timing flights, and hoping a B/C Gas ship didn't crash through the tent and kill us.  The clouds would occasionally break and flyers would try to get what they could in the warmer sunny air, but it was still windy.  I took the time to make a new motor for my Peanut - long and thinner.  About mid-day we had something like a 20-minute sunny break and I took a test flight with the new motor and came back, tweaked the settings and called for a time.  This flight was a decent 67 seconds.  As that was my last flight, that time would have to do.

While there were maybe 9 Peanuts registered, few were flying in the wind and wet.  Eventually, others started flying; as the day wore on, the sun came out for bits of time, but the winds were higher later in the day.  I think at the end of the day, there were about 7 different planes with official flights - much more than the other two FAC events for the day - Scale and Power Scale.  Thanks to my high scale scores, low wing bonus points, and my decent flight of 67 seconds, I beat out all other flyers.  One had a 75 second flight (highest Peanut flight of the day), and another scored a couple seconds more than me, but I still won by a single point.

So, my little racer won Peanut at the AMA nats Smiley


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Keith Rider R-2 - a little bragging

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« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2012, 06:47:01 PM »

Hey now! Shocked

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« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2012, 02:59:41 AM »

Way to go George!

Nothing says welcome back to the hobby like winning at the AMA Nats!

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