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Author Topic: Meadowlark - Sport Indoor Free Flight  (Read 873 times)
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« on: September 23, 2014, 05:43:11 PM »

A few weeks a go I saw a pic of this plane and was well, just taken with it. I ordered several models from the company and will report on the others later. This model is 19.4 in. wingspan and estimated 4 -5 grams.

I built it basically per plans except adding adjustable incidence for the stab and an adjustable rudder, tapered the tail boom, and used an aluminum prop hub support. If you have flown indoor rubber my reasons should be clear.  I placed the tail hook to center the rubber CG at 40% wing chord so that I can change rubber without needing to re-balance the plane.

I lightened the structure of the stabilizer and rudder using basic light 1/16 square instead of the stock lasercut balsa. Final weight is 3.4 grams with the NoCal prop. She is covered with stock Esaki tissue, preshrunk twice, applied dry with gluestick, no dope.

First time flights: Glide with stock propeller, stock Ikara 6 in. ...too nose heavy. Change to a .075 gr. NoCal prop. Balances OK, glides well. But I notice that the turn radius is variable in flight. As I suspected. the dihedral angle may well be too low. I attached some paper tip plates to add to the dihedral effect. The turn variability disappeared... all is well. I think it looks better with tip plates anyway!

Then set the stab incidence negative 1 degree from stock design.  I install a 110% 0.062 in width rubber loop.  Wind 150 turns: gentle climb, looks good. Wind 250 turns: Climbs too strongly, runs out of turns while still in cruise mode. Rubber is too strong.

Testing the .062 rubber loop to 150 turns on torque winder, concluding this model-prop setup needs .012 ounce inches torque for gentle climb.

Install 0.047 width rubber loop. Wind to .015 oz-in. With lighter weight, she climbs nicely to about 15 feet, cruises nicely and lands with some turns left over - didn't count....

One small adjustment for less downthrust and she was flying nicely, considering the strong AC drafts.

Great little plane: Meadowlark,  Lasercutplanes.com

Richard Ranney

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Meadowlark - Sport Indoor Free Flight
Meadowlark - Sport Indoor Free Flight
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« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2014, 07:08:05 PM »

That is a great little plane!!
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