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Author Topic: Top flite P51 - retracts  (Read 751 times)
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« on: April 26, 2018, 02:53:36 PM »

Good morning all,
My 65" Top Flite P51 is almost finished now, the maiden flight should happen in the next week or three. But I'm getting a bit apprehensive. I built it with Robart pneumatic retracts, and Robostruts (653). These beauties absorb shocks in line with the gear very wel, but not laterally.... See my topic on the Graupner Monsun, it has a noseleg with a shockabsorber just like a robostrut, but fixed with a 6mm steel pin. You don't wanna know how often I had to replace this rod (think I already used 3ft), as every time it hits a grass knot it just bends or breaks. Now on my P51 the Robostrut goes straight into the retract unit, no steel pin. I'm afraid that on any landing that is not a perfect 3-pointer the legs will just break off and rip the wing to pieces, as there is no way to absorb the energy when the leg hits an obstacle face on! I consider fixing the retracts with nylon bolts, but then won't they break off on every landing?This is my first warbird, should I just keep it as static display? Any advice/hints/tips from you experienced guys? Please help!
Cheers, Kwikfly
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« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2018, 03:38:24 PM »

In my opinion and only in my opinion I would try switching from a grass field to hard surface landing strip. You will find you will be a lot less likely to damage your struts. Short of a golf course green or a field properly prepared with model flying usage, you won't find a grass field without some obstacles. The Robart 653 is intended for up to a 5.45 Kilo airplane so you must be building the .60 size airplane.  Think about it your gear is 1/7th scale, if you took the stones, lumps, bumps, etc. found in the field you are using and blew them up to 7 times their current size a full size Mustang's gear probably wouldn't be happy either. If you have the flying experience, and have done a little research on how this model flies and you can find a paved surface strip I think you will be very satisfied with your model.   


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