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Control Line Airplanes - Stunt
Birds on a wire... well, at least two wires

Sig Skyray 35

I came into possession of a Sig Skyray 35 because I needed a stunt airplane in order to enter a local control line contest. It was a fairly simple construction project that allowed me time to fly the plane for some time just before the fall contest. This "kit" was no ordinary build project because I took all the parts in the kit and made duplicates of them and then proceeded to build the airplane from the home made parts. I then then sold the original kit to a friend who made it into a Carrier Class control line airplane.

During the construction, I did some research on the common characterisitcs of control line stunters and felt that the stab on the original Skyray design was too small for the control that I was interested in having. I wanted my Skyray to fly a little slower using an OS Max .30-S engine rather than the usual Fox .35. I was hoping for good stunt characteristics and by the calculations that I had made, the original stabilizer needed modification.

This is the original Stab at about 14 1/2 inches long.
Skyray Stab 14.5 inch

I increased the new stab to 19 inches long.
Shyray Stab 19 inch

When completed,
this is what the airplane looks like with the larger stabilizer.
Skyray 35

From research into other designs, the larger stab has a more traditional appearance in proportion to the wing than the original stabilizer. I ended up with an airplane that is considerably lighter than the original kit plane. This allows me to use the smaller/lighter engine and provides for slightly slower speeds in the stunt pattern.

The airplane works great and flies as expected.


Plan Printing by Dave at The Final Image

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