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Control Line Airplanes - Trainers
Birds on a wire... well, at least two wires

Cox PT19
Birds on a wire... well, at least two wires

Cox PT-19 Trainer

If this airplane did not get you started in model airplanes I'm sure there was one like it that did. The Cox Company made these airplanes by the thousands, and I was a happy customer. I am not sure if I got one as a gift or I was the buyer but I remember sitting on the back porch with a PT-19 trying to get the engine started. It took a couple of tries to learn to run this small .049 engine but before long I had it running without too much problem, that is until I stuck my hand in the propeller arc. I learned pretty fast that fingers don't mix well with spinning nylon props. I still have the scar to prove it.

The PT-19 flew well enough to give me some experience. I finally got it into the air and around the circle perhaps 5 times in level flight resulting in a crash landing but I was happy to get that far. I was enthusiastic that I had some success. The PT-19 was ruined as the engine mount had cracked one of its mounting supports off and the engine would not stay in so the airplane was never flown again.

I was hooked, these little engines were just great and as I began to learn more about running them I connected to the hobby. I feel that many of these airplanes were designed to be expendable as the Cox Company was in the business of making engines. These airplanes were really an excuse to have an engine. If you got one of these planes in your early days, it would have given you the education about small methanol powered engines that we use today. I can't remember whatever happened to the PT-19, I think I dragged it around in the box of bits and pieces and then at a later date installed the engine on another plane. The parts became useless once I started building from balsa wood and I never looked back. The engines that came from these airplanes became the engines for the next stage of model airplane projects.

It was a beginning and I started to develop a relationship with the Cox engines that was to last several more years and eventually became a direction for my life in a great hobby of model airplanes.


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