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WizzyWig (WYSIWYG)
Minimum weight... Maximum Performance

After my first attempt at designing a P-30 class airplane many years passed before I tried again and I was rewarded with a neat model that I had no name for. The first name was NS2830 for (Not Sure 28” x 30”) but, just recently I settled for the current name of WizzyWig.

The design is a high wing and the fuselage is rolled balsa. This airplane is a fast climber but has less than optimum glide. I do consider the airplane a success and still have fun flying it on evenings when the winds are light.

The point of the rolled sheet wood fuselage was to get some practice making a fuselage for the Coupe d'Hiver F1G class of airplanes. I found the rolled tube body to be a little restrictive with the amount of rubber band that I needed to use in this design but this type of construction is easy to make quickly. The airplane has a formed sheet wood pylon that the wing is mounted on and this sets up the proper angles between the wing and the stabilizer. The wing is of generous area and has a very flat and under cambered airfoil which, unfortunately, does not perform well in glide but works great in the climb. This airplane climbs fast to reach some thermals and then transitions into a glide later as the power run out. Because the glide is not very good and, unless there is good thermal activity to take it away, you won't be traveling very far to retrieve this model.

All in all it is a fun airplane to fly and to learn trimming skills with. It is easy to adjust and to try different styles of climb and glides.


wizzywig 3

Wizzywig 4

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