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Title: FanTastic Models F-86
Post by: Spidergray on February 23, 2008, 11:30:03 AM
Hi though I place the first post in the jets area. I have been flying the FanTastic Models F-86 for a while it's a nice little plane but a little slow since I add landing gear to the plane. I also have a FanTastic Models MIG-15 and a GWS A10 that are still in the box that I haven't built yet and many other plans for possible electric ducted fan builds. I flew many gas ducted fan planes but really enjoy the lack of mess and noise of the electrics over the gas DF planes.

Got to get more of them flying!

Here's links to the Picasa site with more pictures of the F-86-

Title: Re: FanTastic Models F-86
Post by: flinger on March 14, 2008, 07:08:00 PM
 ;D What no retracts???? Though I walked away from R/C before the ducted fan started making headways---in recent days I have a large local R/C facility right next to my Car Club's Tether Track, and I always take a stop by there just to see if any fanjets are out there. And of recent their have been a large number of gas powered fan jets there as well as a burgeoning number of the EDF's have been flying. I am fascinated and have fallen in love with the Mig 15's and F-100's and 86's that have been showing lately. As the weather warms here on Long Island there will be more and more showing---to my enjoyment. Your F-86 is the first one I have seen on wheels, in fact the only EDF that I have seen on wheels---that is the one thing I miss over here with the EDF's not the gas powered ones. The bigger turbines cannot fly at this location but fly at Floyd Bennett field in Brooklyn. This former Naval base has much larger runways and clear space to fly without having any housing close by. 8)

Title: Re: FanTastic Models F-86
Post by: Spidergray on March 15, 2008, 09:41:00 AM
Hi flinger-

The F-86 is not a very fast flier, the wheels added too much weight. The plane is sort of loud for an electric but it looks good doing circuits of the field. The plane flies scale like speeds for a jet in the gear down dirty configuration. A lot of the guys I fly with rib me about the fact that the plane sounds like it is going a lot faster than it is. I plan to build some small twin jets with retracts but that's just another thing I haven't gotten to work on yet. I think I will build the Mig-15 I have as a belly-lander with a brushless motor for the fan, it should fly a lot faster.


Title: Re: FanTastic Models F-86
Post by: Sundance12 on March 16, 2008, 09:50:55 AM
Hi Spidergray:

If you get the opportunity to construct that Mig 15 in the near future, treat us to a build of it here on this jets section of the forum. It's not important what kind of kit it is, I think that we could use a bit more education on these small jets. Shotgun6 is really interested in this kind of EDF project and so am I.