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Title: New Landing Deck Proposal club project
Post by: Sundance12 on December 09, 2008, 10:07:54 AM
We are going through the process of doing more carrier flying as a club event and it was proposed that we look into decks for this event. We want to do a concrete, permanent one and need a bit more information. If anyone out there has had any experience with this kind of deck building let me know. Thanks in advance.

Bruce F.

Title: Re: New Landing Deck Proposal club project
Post by: marcelop on April 18, 2009, 07:15:43 AM
hi sundance12¡¡¡
my name is marcelo (marcelop)pricoli, live in uruguay(southamerica, now i still building the mustang p51 from the old modelhob plan downloadaded from the web and i interesting in your project for the navy carriers models for c/l flight.
i have an school of builders (childrens with 10 and 14 years) building rubber powered models and gliders for ff.now i wish the students "jump" to the power fligth begining from c/l models.
check this site (sorry for my bad inglish) http://clflyer.tripod.com/ncs/ncs.htm (http://clflyer.tripod.com/ncs/ncs.htm) in this i see the land deck its only a platform of plywood and stop the models with wire and sand bags(like old carries)but i have a crasy project for many years ago, its expensive, the project is build a really carrier with wheels(simulated) for transport like a trailer and put in the place you like fligth, contest, clubs etc.
need to consult with a naval modelist and build a scale carrier for models aprox. 80cm wingspan, but really a scale carrier and the models land off them.(very crasy no¿¿)

Title: Re: New Landing Deck Proposal club project
Post by: black5850 on February 07, 2018, 11:17:10 PM
on the CARRIER DECK.com British Control line navy site there is a posting about a rammed earth carrier deck that you might want to look at....a more permanent construction but easier to change or remove if necessary.

Title: Re: New Landing Deck Proposal club project
Post by: LOUCRANE on February 14, 2018, 02:45:03 PM
Marcelop, hello!

You could also look at the USA AMA Site for ideas about sizes (may have to convert to metric). AMA is our National Model Aviation organization. We have plenty of rules for plenty of 'competition' events, and the rules point out good safety procedures, too. The AMA site is at www.modelaircraft.org , and you don't need to be a member to view the rules. They are in the area of Publications, Competition Rules.

These events score for high speed, low speed and arrested landing. Real Naval carrier aircraft have to get to their patrol sector quickly, and linger there for the necessary patrol time. AND of course they need to return to their Carrier afterward. Throttled engines needed for competition. For fun flying, any of these - or none of them - are required.

The rule book shows (last time I looked) the deck's arc shape. We do fly in a circle, right? The contest events involve speed timing, so line length is based on that. Two basic sizes - about 60 feet and 52 feet from handle to centerline of model. The line lengths are "60 feet" for larger engines and "52.5 feet" for 2.5cc (.15 cubic inch) engine events.

Most "carrier decks" are built of  series of wedge-shaped pieces of plywood decking, supported on a frame of 2" by 4" (about 5cm by 10cm?) wood. Such decks have a way to provide 'arresting lines.' Models need an arresting hook. 'Arrested' landing for is required for scoring. Even for fun flying, It IS a good idea to "catch" the model before it runs off the far edge of whatever the deck is.

The arc sections can be stacked on a low, platform trailer and set up in a reasonable length of time. If you want to use the idea of a carrier deck, our rules also show a way to mark out the arc on a grass field by using the arresting "wires" - (usually strong cord) across the deck. Sandbags at the ends of those can stop the model without damaging it. This is much less fuss and nuisance. The rulebook diagram should give you good ideas for what you'd need and enjoy.

Carrier events are again getting popular in the USA in recent years. Like anything else in control-line, once you master simply boring holes in the sky, they can become VERY "boring" holes in the sky. Carrier, Combat, Stunt, Racing and Scale can add challenge beyond just flying flat and landing without damage!  You don't have to try them all, but they are there if you become interested...

Many years ago, one club up here built a simulated "island" to put alongside their deck. Called it the USS Small Fry if I recall. Fun, and newsworthy...

Best thoughts!