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Title: Geezer front end tips
Post by: jim_buxton on July 06, 2013, 11:35:40 PM
I guess I am a geezer, as I will be flying P-30 at the NATS this year for the first time since 1993.  (I found the old NATS stamp on my old model, I always liked the year stamps).
Anyhow I have built a Boomer MK II (nice kit) and I will be using a Gizmo Geezer for the first time.  I plan to use 3 loops of 1/8 rubber.  My question is, are you guys attaching the GG bobbin right to the three loops, or using a hook of some sort between the two.  I was able to get the three loops restrained with the retainer (pop rivet body) on the bobbin, but I did not find it easy.
What are all you pro's doing?

Title: Re: Geezer front end tips
Post by: Rewinged on July 07, 2013, 12:57:58 AM

Maybe Derek will chime in, because he has more experience than me, or perhaps somebody else.  But FWIW, I don't use anything besides the Gizmo rubber retainer.  I've used 6 strands of 1/8 and 6 strands of 3/32 in different airplanes without issue.  I just used the Allen wrench that came with the kit to guide the rubber into place, being careful not to pinch the rubber.  I didn't find it too difficult, and I never pinched the rubber.  Not as easy as a Crocket hook, but easy enough.

One thing to be careful of, especially with the 6 strands of 1/8 near full winds, is how you engage the prop as you get ready to fly.  Make sure that the engagement "pin" that turns the prop is gradually brought to the prop, and the spring is fully compressed before letting go.  I had trouble with this--operator error--and eventually had the pin give way.  6 strands of 1/8 unwind pretty fast without a load!  Lucky I didn't have any damage to the fuse, but I had to change front ends, which of course meant all my thrust adjustments were out of whack.  This was with the older version that used a plastic pin; I think the newer ones are wire.  Regardless, it was my technique that was at fault, and I doubt you would have the same issue.

Hope you guys have great flying weather at the Nats! Wish I could be there...one of these years.  Tell the Spin Fins and Stray Cats, and the other west coast glider guys, that Bill from Oregon said hello, and I expect to see at least Lee and Tim and the other BK in 7 weeks in Oregon.  Maybe Rocco will come with Tim.  Really wish Ralph and Stan could/would make the trip too

FYI, though I haven't met you yet, I mentioned your name today while I was looking at a friend's (Craig Robinson--fantastic RC DLG builder/flyer) shop and bagging equipment, and we were talking about airfoils and the ones you were trying when you broke the record in Tustin, and the sharp LE on those gliders.  I learned a lot at Craig's, but unfortunately am not yet ready/willing to join the ranks of the composite builders.  Another thing someday.

Oops--sorry to go so far off-topic.  Have fun at the Nats.


Title: Re: Geezer front end tips
Post by: jim_buxton on July 07, 2013, 01:16:36 AM
Thanks Bill.
I was trying to stuff them in without tools, a little wooden dowel or something to arrange them in the bobbing will probably be a big help.
This front end has been kicking around for while, I won it at a contest.  The learning curve is steep, I actually had to wind the model in the shop to figure it out.  I have the one with the spinner, not the drive dog, but will be careful just the same about engaging it.
The ranks of a composite builders is gradually increasing.  Jump in!  If you have a local expert, that is pure gold in getting started.
~Thanks again

Title: Re: Geezer front end tips
Post by: PeeTee on July 07, 2013, 01:39:12 AM

Like Bill, I use 6 strands of 1/8" but also 8 strands of 3/32", and they are easy to load if you use the pukka gizmo tool or a piece of piano (music wire). The gizmo wire is a strange gauge 1.4mm, but 1.2mm (18 swg in Britain) goes through the rivet (obviously  ::)) for loading, and is more than man enough to hold a fully wound motor. Bill is spot on regarding wound motors - ensure the prop is fully engaged in the spinner (spring compressed) before attaching.

Happy flying


Title: Re: Geezer front end tips
Post by: jim_buxton on July 07, 2013, 02:18:12 AM
Thanks guys, I just went back and looked at the instructions, sure enough a whole section on using the combination screwdriver/BOBBIN LOADER that makes it super easy.  I have been hesitant to use the GG since there are about 4 pages of instructions (for a free-wheeler?), but now I see the advantages.  Initially I saw the plastic drive and figured this thing will last two flights, but based on the reviews it is a great unit.  Looking forward to trying it.

Title: Re: Geezer front end tips
Post by: Rewinged on July 07, 2013, 02:36:46 AM
Glad you saw that, Jim.  I thought since you won the GG you might not have the instructions, and I was going to post--now I don't have to.  I think the GG is a great unit, and really, is one of the best values in FF, IMO.  Works well.

Title: Re: Geezer front end tips
Post by: DerekMc on July 07, 2013, 02:50:59 AM
Once you get the hang of it it will become second nature. One suggestion is to order extra bobbins with Pins along with more winder attachments. I have lost a few over the years when I broke a motor.

Title: Re: Geezer front end tips
Post by: jim_buxton on July 07, 2013, 09:50:41 AM
Thanks Derek, and yes, I tend to lose things so that is a good idea.  I think Lee Campbell stocks parts, so I will hit up his hobby shop on the field at Muncie.
Heading out to do first test flights thins morning.