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Title: Build Topic Guidelines
Post by: Ratz on March 10, 2008, 02:57:04 PM
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A few simple steps to follow when beginning a Build Topic

1. Make sure you present your build in the appropriate Model Category board.

2. Dedicate the topic to a Single model. Multiple builds in one thread would be hard to follow. There are no limits to how many build topics an individual can have at one time. Keep in mind that having too many threads to maintain could end up interfering with your time on the work bench.

3. Declare it is as a build thread by appending the Subject with -BUILD-

Replying to a Build Topic

1. All comments, praise and questions are welcome. Remember that! We're here to enjoy sharing.

2. Before posting a reply in a Build Topic, please be cautious about the content of your reply so as to not inject the possibility of derailing or hijacking a build sequence. It may be better to start a New Topic that has come to mind while viewing a build or has been spawned by discussion within the build thread.

Build Topic Ownership

1. The Builder owns the thread. The owner may, at any time, Report to Moderator/Admin any reply that they feel has potential for derailing or hijacking the build topic.

2. The Builder owns the thread. The owner may, at any time, request that their Build Topic be pruned.

3. When a build is complete the owner should post a message indicating that is the case. Completed Build Topics will be moved to a Sub-Forum called "Completed Builds" and will remain open for discussion. As long as the topic is generating interest (being posted to) it will remain open. After a period of non-activity the build topic will be locked and pruned. This is the current procedure... it may change.

4. Most important... The Builder Owns the thread.

Build Topic Moderation

1. The Moderator will monitor Build Topics and periodically prune "junk" from within the Topic. For example, when a Build Topic hits 50 replies the Moderator may trim a few replies out of the first half of the thread. Lighten the load so to speak. Junk is defined as anything that does not add Value to the thread.

2. At his discretion, the Moderator may create a New Topic from a reply to a Build Topic. The reply responsible for the New Topic may remain within the build thread but will be flagged to indicate that a New Topic has been created from it. Please respect that flag and reply to the New Topic if you are compelled to reply to that specific post.

Thanks for your cooperation.
Forum Administration