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Title: Builders' Plan Gallery
Post by: Ratz on March 10, 2008, 05:02:30 PM
As a member of this forum you can now Register for access to the Builders' Plan Gallery. Bear in mind that the Plan Gallery is not just a source for plans... there are lots of sites for that... but instead it is intended for the sole purpose of providing a place for Forum Members to share their own plans as well as their collections. If you have joined the forum with the idea that you are here just to access the plans, have at it, but we're warning you, unless you maintain at least a minimal amount of participation in the forum your membership will not last.

The purpose of the Gallery is the sharing of plans of your favorite model designs in virtually ALL categories of the model aviation hobby. Be aware that all uploaded plans go through a validation process in order to screen out the illegal distribution of material that has a Copyright associated with it or is available commercially as a printed plan or as part of a kit. So, use some common sense.

Enjoy! and Welcome to Hip Pocket Aeronautics.
Ratz and Sundance12

Note: If you happen to find something questionable in the Gallery, that we have overlooked, we appreciate being notified immediately.