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Title: Claude McCullough Vixen
Post by: TRuss on July 28, 2017, 10:19:48 AM
Would you guys agree that the plans show a glow option?  

The article mentions a few different sparkies including the Arden, which my less than amateur self thinks what the model in the photos has.  There is strong glow advocacy in the article, but no mention of a particular glow engine.  I'd like to build this for Nos A Gas with glow.  Thoughts.

Title: Re: Claude McCullough Vixen
Post by: applehoney on July 28, 2017, 12:46:54 PM
Looks like an Arden  (only engine that ever gave me ear pain!) and no ignition equipment shown on plan so I see no problem in using glow for NosGas.

Have looked at this design back in the past but was deterred by the fairly short moment arm common to McCullough designs; his 'Toreador' certainly benefited from a longer fuselage.

Keep us posted !

Title: Re: Claude McCullough Vixen
Post by: TRuss on July 28, 2017, 03:21:35 PM
Thanks for chiming in Mr. Moseley.

I have noticed his favoring of short tail moments and tall pylons too, but to me his designs look so good.  The Toreador and Charger are both very pretty to my eye with the Charger being ranked way up there on my list of pretty models...Free Flight models that is.  The Vixen is the same way, I'm just drawn to it.  I guess it was appropriately named.

It looks like this will be a go, so I will keep you posted.  I probably won't get started until winter, which is filling up with builds.  There's a Dakota planned, as well as an as of yet undetermined Golden Age 1/2A and now the Vixen.