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Title: Whitchdoctor 850
Post by: Sandgroper on December 05, 2017, 08:18:21 AM
 I got this model off the late Dickie Gibbs who bought it at the swap meet after the 1994 Australian Nationals. I believe it was from Mike O'Reilly but I am not sure. Dickie gave me a photo of the flyer feeding it into a starter but I cannot find it, he had long hair and was wearing a sunhat.The original wing covering was white tissue with red tissue bands towards the tips and small red tissue stars. It had suffered major trauma on the right wing and had been repaired with wash in on the right inner panel. I cut the spars and made the panel as flat as I could and added a little ply bracing on the joins.
 The engine is a ASP 32 and I machined the venturi myself, the needle is a Saito R/C unit which has an o-ring and a standard 5 mm thread. The covering is heavyweight tissue on the inner panels and Esaki on the tips.


Title: Re: Whitchdoctor 850
Post by: gossie on December 05, 2017, 03:28:39 PM
Nice to see an old model restored.......Well done.

'94 Nats????   Would that have been Ballarat or perhaps Wagga Wagga......Was at both if it was either, but don't remember the model, or the flier.

Title: Re: Whitchdoctor 850
Post by: ffkiwi on December 05, 2017, 03:51:38 PM
Just out of curiosity what size venturi are you using?  I have an ASP 32 intended for similar use eventually-once I get a few higher priority model projects behind me.  In my case I was thinking of Russel Peers famous 'Woodpecker' design


Title: Re: Whitchdoctor 850
Post by: JohnOSullivan on December 05, 2017, 05:56:13 PM
I used to fly with Dick Gibbs in Perth in the early 70's. Great bunch of fliers in Perth back then, Pete Somers, Mike Beilby, Theo Merrifield, George Pappas, John Voak. Jim Stivey, Fred Tower, Fred Adler and of course the inimitable Joe "Supercool" Sherlock. It may be 44 years ago but the pleasure of flying with these guys still inspires me.
I remember that that there was an effort to introduce an R/C Power duration class. Don't recall that it ever happened..
Dick's approach was a full size Leprechaun, powered with a Wankel motor.
I have some photos of these guys which I will post later.

Title: Re: Whitchdoctor 850
Post by: Sandgroper on December 05, 2017, 06:32:09 PM
Hi Gossie, I should have said the 94-95 Nats at Mundijong.I got the model off Dickie around 2000 and I restored it last year. Ivor F was there keeping us amused with a Calypso Major powered by a UTKUM 15 on suction which kept cutting out around 50 feet and diving in. I was flying my 1/2a power model on the other side of the paddock at the time but I seem to remember the Witchdocter got one flight which D/Tied under power and then it was put away

Hi Chris, its 9.0mm. The ASP 32 and the Woodpecker should be a good match, I was thinking it would be close to the output of a K&B 29-35 and it was on special for such a low price I thought I would give it a shot. It started second flick and it runs well in the model on a bladder.

Title: Re: Whitchdoctor 850
Post by: Sandgroper on December 05, 2017, 07:28:50 PM
Good day John, great days, I was only a teenager back then and my brother Trevor and I would sit in the back of Theos van with Anna Merrifield in the front and drive all the way to Goomalling to fly.  Unfortunately Theo,Dickie,George and Mike are no longer with us but to the best of my knowledge the rest are still hanging in there. George taught me how to fly radio gliders at Yokine in the mid seventies. RC Power Duration took off for a while but it fizzled out when everyone became interested in old timers.  I can remember an Aeroflyte Invader with a sixty up front drilling holes in the sky but the go was to stick a hot forty into a radio glider and hang on. I have great memories of Dickies Leprechaun, he eventually replaced the Wankel with a K&B 40 which pepped it up a bit.
One photo is from a scramble at Mundijong from the mid nineties, the other one is me inspecting the covering on Guy Kellys Playboy in the late nineties. Guy owns the farm we have flown free flight on since the 90's


Title: Re: Whitchdoctor 850
Post by: gossie on December 06, 2017, 03:55:56 AM
Yep. They were good, NO, GREAT days back then.
Sorry, but never made it to a WA Nats, but we did have a fabulous group in Melbourne that are mostly gone also.

Title: Re: Whitchdoctor 850
Post by: Sandgroper on December 06, 2017, 06:27:08 AM
Ha ha over did the greats a bit,there is a good reason I became a fitter. Yes things were very different back then, we used to have a yearly long weekend up at Goomalling flying sport radio and control line on the town oval and FF and RC in a paddock 20km out of town. From memory we flew 2.5cc rat racing, mouse racing and open combat. We had a line cut in Open Combat one year and the model did a perfect spiral up and up until it ran out of fuel and landed in the graveyard outside town. After the days competition Doug Murray would sell Sleek Streeks to all the kids and we would have a mass fly off before dinner. After the BBQ Dickie Gibbs would get the projector out and show us his home movies from the Strathalbyn and Northam Nats. Gary Turna flew Len Armour's pulse jet on the town oval one night without getting arrested. Ian Dixon worked at RC Models back then and he got to drive their Bongo van to contests and I used to catch rides with him. One afternoon driving back into town Steve Walton and another flyer blasted past us nose to tail in their XA Falcon coupes at 100+ MPH and nearly blew us off the road. Very good days.