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Title: Bostonian "Celtic"
Post by: dephela on January 28, 2019, 06:47:21 PM
A Don Deloach design pulled from a 1989 Model Builder mag.

A chance to the tips of the stab and wing along with a big chance to twin fins, just because there was no place to put the original on the fuselage! A Peck prop and it came out at 15.2g.

I wanted to do this after putting together two indoor scale planes. It has been a year in the building and maybe the biggest pain ever in my life. I picked stringers that were not up to the task, but kept them, Debated over finishing it, broke this piece, broke that piece, broke another piece and oh yeah, broke one of the broken pieces again, on and on! Time for covering an I thought I was getting used to using glue stick, tissue pulled away from frame, ARrrgh! Did I mention broke another 1/16 piece or two? Cockpit, oh not a canopy! PITA! First reverse S hook, YEAH! Doping, where did the warps come from, everything was held in place, Arrgh!

I have no idea which direction this will turn. If weather is good tomorrow I get to fly in a small gym. IF it doesn't look promising there will be no more reports. I think it has a Celtic Curse

Title: Re: Bostonian "Celtic"
Post by: dephela on January 29, 2019, 02:15:25 PM
Tests with a short motor in a small gym were good!
With a longer motor the CG should be very nice. It wanted, sorry the warps made it turn to the right so I'm going with that since it responded to a gurney on a fin and tightened up a bit and still had a good attitude. It's put away till March now, when it gets trimmed for the larger gym.

Title: Re: Bostonian "Celtic"
Post by: lincoln on February 10, 2019, 08:14:50 PM
Looks like a fun project! I think you'll find the next stick and tissue model easier and I predict it will come out a little lighter.

If you build a couple of, say, 1 gram EZB's, then this model will seem to be built out of 2 X 4's. ;-) (Not actually recommending this, as the event should be called Hard Bee, at least when built really light.)