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Title: NFFS, US Junior Team, SO Students
Post by: ceandra on May 11, 2022, 09:57:44 PM
Dear Free Flight Community,

This year the National Free Flight Society (NFFS) will be donating $3,000 to both the Outdoor and Indoor Junior FAI Teams at the upcoming Jr. World Championships. In addition, the donations are eligible to be matched by a “matching donation fund” established by Wally Simmers, designer of the “Gollywock”. Meaning both the Indoor and Outdoor teams will be receiving $6,000 EACH. The NFFS is very proud to support both junior programs and their efforts of representing the United States at the highest level.

Thank you to all of our community members who donated to the junior program. I personally make it a point to inform all our juniors that their travels to the World Championships are funded by the support of their Free Flight community, fundraising/matching by the junior program board and currently the support of the NFFS. Our Junior Team families are working vigorously every day to prepare for the Jr World Champs and traveling thousands of miles annually to practice. Their dedication is inspiring and their support of our community and organizations fuels them to represent the United States to the best of their abilities.
From personal experience, I have seen each young person that I have coached put in nearly 1000 hours in preparation for team selection and Worlds. While the indoor Worlds were cancelled the last cycle, these young adults continue to be enthusiastic, shooting for (and achieving) National records in indoor categories. The trajectory of the US Junior Indoor program is fantastic at this point.

If you wish to contribute to the junior program in any way or possibly interested in having your children or grandchildren try-out for the Junior program please reach out, as we are more than happy to guide you throughout the process.

Chuck Andraka
“Coach Chuck”
Sevak Malkhasyan
 [email protected]
NFFS Youth Development Program