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Title: Sig Skyray 35
Post by: Sundance12 on January 25, 2008, 04:00:22 AM
I enlarged the tail of my Sig Skyray 35 to 19 inches and it now is as steady and anything, so steady that I won a balloon bust contest with it. It's a good modification and easy to incorporate into the design, here is a picture of it. I am hiding a busted prop and sport a dinged wing because my engine conked out at the top of a loop. The plane is repaired and ready to go, I hate plastic gas tanks....

Here is a link to some more information on the size of the Skyray Stab.


Title: Re: Sig Skyray 35
Post by: Sundance12 on October 17, 2008, 11:52:26 PM
Flew my Sig Skyray 35 today and I came home and had to go straight to bed. I have been suffering a cold for a few days and was determined to go out today because of the great weather conditions. I figured I would give this airplane another go for the last of the season. Well, after a few aspirin kicking in, I got to the field and set up shop. Things went well and the plane was easy to start and ran pretty well since being hung up in the shop. I really like the OS Max30S engine but hate the tank that delivers fuel. Things get leaned out and fast at the end of a tank and it's too small a tank. Anyway, After each flight I had to sit at the picnic table and rest as I was pretty dizzy. I never get dizzy flying Control line, it's never been a problem. Well having this cold sure mucks a person up and after the second flight I had to pack up and go home. When I got home I was out for two hours...

Don't fly C/L with a cold...

I am feeling better this evening but I think I will forgo the flying till this cold has passed.


Title: Re: Sig Skyray 35
Post by: Sundance12 on October 22, 2008, 09:19:06 PM
This past Sunday I made another attempt at flying and got the opportunity to start my buddy's son to control line. To do this I had to add a extra wire piece to my handle so that I could also hold the handle with the new pilot. I could not operate the airplane at full speed so I dialed back the mixture into a rich run and we got some reasonable speeds from the plane that were not too fast. It did not take too long to get Brandon to get the hang of it but he stayed tensed up and that was no good. On one attempt the airplane was released early before I could get out to the handle and Brandon made a good takeoff for himself but got a little stiff as the airplane accelerated before I could make it back to the handle with him. All in all, after four attempts we made it through two tanks without any trouble. It ended up a good start for the day.


Title: Re: Sig Skyray 35
Post by: Sundance12 on December 30, 2008, 11:30:56 PM
I am getting my Skyray 35 ready for a winter rat race for January 4th, to do this I have made a set of skis for operations off the snow. I made them from 1/32 plywood and basswood keels, each has a brass insert so that the skis can attach to the axles easily. I gave them three coats of Varathane Dimond Cote Finish and that should make them pretty waterproof and fuel proof. I will have a few more images of the skis on the plane soon.

Title: Re: Sig Skyray 35
Post by: The Kiwi on June 14, 2010, 09:27:00 AM
I was looking around the place for something like a Mongoose, the original M&P kit yesterday. I have a Skyray 35 kit, but the plan for it is in tatters, and I fear it would be far too heavy for what I have in mind, whether or not I replace the ribs with balsa ones. There was also a trio of unopened Goldberg Buster / Cosmic Wind / Shoestring kits I considered, and took down the Buster, but changed my mind. I found myself surprised to see two Banshee kits, and was totally unable to remember why there was more than just one!

The thrill of having more possibilities than time to build them all! Your thread was as close as I could get to one for a Streak of some sort (both have a swept back tail fin). So, I'll start a new one (message thread).

Title: Re: Sig Skyray 35
Post by: Sundance12 on June 14, 2010, 01:50:19 PM
Hi Kiwi

Nice to have some options. The Skyray 35 is ok, it was a good one to get me in the air but it was not the one to help me learn the beginner pattern. I built the Banshee afterward and mad a number of modifications to the plan that made it a more competitive stunter. I shortened the nose an inch for my FP .40 and this is a typical modification for the Banshee. I also enlarged the stab and elevator 1/2 inch all around. As well as added another 1/2 inch to the flaps. This made for a larger wing on the banshee.

The Skyray got an enlarged tail but I have seen many fly well without the mods. It is a fun plane to get into the sporting mood but not a great one to practice pattern building skills. Perhaps with a good 25 on it it would be better and certainly with balsa ribs to make it a bit lighter. Mine has stood the test of time as an all balsa Skyray. I actually scratch built it from plans, and that goes for the Banshee too.

The name of the game is to get in the air. Build what you can and we will help you with the process if you post your progress.


3rd in Beginner Stunt 2009 at the Sig Contest in Iowa.