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Title: A reminder to keep your email address up to date...
Post by: Ratz on December 13, 2009, 04:32:05 PM
Dear members, recently a number of bounced emails have been generated from personal message notifications and topic notifications because some members here have an invalid email account being used on this forum in their profile.

Hip Pocket Aeronautics would like to ask every member of this community to make sure you always keep your email account used for this forum up to date. If you no longer have the email account that you registered with for this forum, please supply a valid email address that you can use, by accessing your profile and editing the email field under Account Settings.

For those of you that do change your email address, you will receive a new validation email to confirm your new email address.

As an early warning, action may be taken for members here that have invalid email addresses that choose not to update their email accounts in the upcoming future, so it is strongly advised to check and make sure your email address is a valid one and if it is not, update it with a valid email address. Note that such action could include account deletion!

It is also highly recommended to keep an up to date email address for convenience. Without one you cannot get notified of new posts in boards and topics you subscribe to. Some of you, especially the ones that don't visit this forum often, like to be notified when they get new personal messages, which is also not possible with an invalid email account.

An additional note goes out for those who have boxtrappers (human verification) setup with the email address they use here. Our system does not reply to these verification emails and you will need to either add hippocketaeronautics.com to your whitelist or use another email account that does not have such a trapper setup.

Thanks go out to those who use valid emails to make our life much easier.

Ratz and Sundance12