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Title: Streaks, Streaks, Streaks!
Post by: The Kiwi on June 14, 2010, 09:46:14 AM
Well, I'm on the cusp of some building after a long time just flying ARFs and / or old veteran planes I have had on the walls here for years. I had decided on a TF Streak, the full size 40" span one, for a Veco 19BB engine, and some fairly fast stunting fun with it. But a very long-planned matchup of a Medium airframe and a 15 size Schneurle engine is also causing me to have that itch at the same time.

I had a couple of Conquest 15s from some "15-Fast" events in the long-ago past that I wanted a Mongoose for, and had first been interested in something like that a dozen years ago, but in that time period have only built two balsa planes -- just lacking motivation. I don't recall what I was planning to do with my Lightning Streak when I bought that one, but my son started building it, and the wing is together, while most of the rest has gone missing. I've never acquired any Mongoose kit, although I do have an M&P Cardinal, but it wouldn't adapt that well to my use (and the pieces for the kit's fuselage are mindful of a Ringmaster leading edge, if you know what I mean ("Louisville Slugger" hardness / weight).

Poking around on some shelves in the room now used for both storage and a shop, I found a salvaged TF Streak's fuselage, and that Lightning Streak wing. Now, I need some sort of adapter to go from a Fox Stunt 35 mounts (I think that was what it had) to an FP 15, which has its "suction" venturi with it, which none of the Conquests have. I took down a Buster kit, and thought about it, and considered the Cardinal some, as mentioned. I even looked into my now- long-shelved Skyray 35 kit, but what the heck, I have what amounts to an ARC on hand, and surely somewhere I've saved a salvage set of Streak tail feathers . .

Does everyone go through any similar kind of waffling back and forth as I've just done?

Title: Re: Streaks, Streaks, Streaks!
Post by: Sundance12 on June 14, 2010, 01:53:31 PM
Yup all the time... you are not alone, ask Ratz about his collection of gliders.



Title: Re: Streaks, Streaks, Streaks!
Post by: C/L Gee Bee on March 30, 2011, 11:58:15 AM
I used to be sooo organized with my airplanes, but then ex wife was driven to restrict my hangar size to minimum!

A quick inventory revealed an excess of 'government': I got rid of the wife!

Married a lovely young woman, she and I built during the week and flew weekends; our kit inventory filled the 2nd bedroom. (the third bedroom was converted to a hobby shop, with benches on 2 walls...they were never 'clear', always something going together)

Now we have raised two girls, new house, and my garage loft is overwhelmed with kits...What to fly?

Some large boxes in the rafters yielded some salvaged fuselages, and a few wings: Magician, Veco Chief, Shoestring, F51, all ready to cover. I framed up a converted Yak, (now a profile Mystery Ship) and a Sterling Cosmic Wind.

They are hanging in the hobby shop, (my converted office, 10'X22' adjoining 2-1/2 car garage) and are awaiting covering. Er, along with my 3 S1 Ringmasters.
Never mind the 'B' Team Racers under construction...

My full size (real car) 1927 Model T touring was on my frame table, all welding finished on its '32 Ford frame, but table gave way to more airplane projects...I was 'spreading out'.

Now I am preparing to silk-and-dope cover a couple of planes. God help me.

Title: Re: Streaks, Streaks, Streaks!
Post by: GeoffinIN on February 09, 2013, 09:17:57 AM
Speaking of Streaking - of the flying model variety - where can I view a plan for a Jr. Flite Streak?  I've decided to resurrect my 50+ year-old one, but can't remember how the single leg undercarriage attached to the fuselage.  The photo of one on the Brodak site was no help.

IIRC, I first powered it with a borrowed, dilapidated Fox .15, then a Cox Olympic .15, which I still have.  A PAW .15 will be up front this time, since I'm too poor to afford glow fuel.


Title: Re: Streaks, Streaks, Streaks!
Post by: Garf on April 26, 2013, 03:42:30 PM

Title: Re: Streaks, Streaks, Streaks!
Post by: GeoffinIN on April 26, 2013, 09:15:01 PM
Thanks!  The hole in the plywood nose doublers on mine doesn't match yours, but what you've shown makes sense, so I'll plug that hole and do it your way.