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Title: High Wing C/L fun flier
Post by: C/L Gee Bee on March 30, 2011, 12:32:51 PM
When very young, (7) I was intrigued by a Control Line high-wing cabin plane being field-assembled by a couple of older gents (very old, 40+!) ::

They were fitting the wing with functional flying wires, tightened up from a hatch in the belly. The engine was an Olsen .60, and the side cabin door was large enough for the man's hand to reach in and connect wires to a battery pack, and further preparation for a flight. It eventually started and revved up, and flew majestically. I was hooked.

I went thru Monogram Speedi-Bilts, Guillows 'scalers', Berkeley and Sterling kits, scratch built scale, etc. But I never forgot that cabin job.

Fast forward to the '90s. Reginald Denny was the purveyor to the Movies for model aircraft in the late '30s, thru the '50s...his scalelike Dennyplanes were all the rage throughout Southern California, his hobby shop was located right in Hollywood.

I found a set of plans for his "Dennyplane Jr.", a free flight (R/C assist) high wing cabin plane with 46" wingspan, a very portly (but shapely!) fuse, and radial cowl. (looks like a fat Monocoupe...) What a super C/L standoff scaler! (scale of a model airplane!)

Lot of cutting here, considering sending plan to a reasonable laser cutter to have it 'short-kitted'.
Any suggestions on who can laser this?

Title: Re: High Wing C/L fun flier
Post by: C/L Gee Bee on April 05, 2011, 06:06:30 PM
Other 'wire-pulling' by infectuous designs was initiated by an early build of the Sterling Mr. Mulligan. (kind of small, but it had the real stuff):
Race plane heritage, real speed history, (flew the Bendix and beat Roscoe Turner's racer by hours, and when landing, it was discovered that the last leg of the flight had been with the flaps down!)

I also loved the Sterling Monocoupe. Built it too heavy, a McCoy .19 flew it, but when gliding, it dropped like an iron butterfly...

A Scalecraft Stinson Reliant is the 'flagship' of my collection. Elderly gent in Santa Cruz built this class 'C' scaler from a kit. Rare bird, only one I've ever seen. Friend's son ran over the left wing with his Dad's Jeep: Dad was so mad he gave me the plane. Wife Joey held it in her arms for the 31 miles home...we were in my classic F100, and the tarp was hanging in the shop! Hours have been spent with rags and lacquer thinner to remove the Aerogloss maroon-and-cream dope. (I took a break and hung it up 'til I could get back to it...3 years ago.)

John Pond sold me the Tony Palumbo plans for a larger Mr. Mulligan. (60") Now, here was an airplane! Mine has the fuse partially framed up, but it's put away right now.

If I had a C/L flying bud, I'd be on this like hot tuna. But I have cars apart, and the rain has ceased.