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Title: The Hell Cat's Latest Mission...
Post by: CAPTAINKTTYHWK on September 07, 2011, 05:31:08 PM
One for the books...
    It was two nights ago my flyin buddy vistited to try my newly cut circle. The mighty war torn Hellcat was my choice. T'was my second flight in about 6 years.
    New 10x7 prop on an OS LA .46 (previously she wore a Combat Special).
  Amazing how it comes right back to ya. Upside down, round and round. Loops. eights...
   So I thought id pull off the old "really low" finish up to an inverted lap..you know...almost nick the grass with the rudder? Maybe get a little wow from the wife, my buddy and my 2 1/2 year old boy. (future C/L flyer).
  Whoops! Wham! A big puff of dirt and that strange thunk. I saw the rudder come off, engine stop..back into the air about a foot then hit again..and its running again!
  After about a 10 foot silent float to the second bounce, its running again. At first I thought for sure backwards with one blade, maybe, considering if I should quickly plant it to stop the mayhem.
 But no, happily, vibration free and upside down it went.
  I have never seen an engine re-start itself after the fire going out.
  Kinda neat re-tracing the impact. A gouge where the rudder dragged along for a foot or so, then whack, whack, whack marks about every 6 inches from the prop. Then the apparent dig from the re-start...?
  We laughed and laughed. What a great time! And the Hellcat kept putting on a show without a rudder until the fuel ran out.
  What a tuff plane. What a cool hobby.
  One for the books.

Title: Re: The Hell Cat's Latest Mission...
Post by: Sandgroper on March 22, 2012, 07:30:57 PM
Theory-sound of impact combined with using a muffler on a torquey engine?the sudden drop in already low noise level led you to believe the engine had stopped where as it really only slowed down while chopping its way through the grass, on the bounce-still out of control it picked up and dived into the deck lightly as by this time you had started to get it under control.Reading this it sounds like bullsh#t  but you got a reply ::)

Anyway I thought Hellcats were meant to be tough,yep great hobby I started in the sixties with freeflight,CL and RC from the seventies  just wish we could get a few more youngsters involved to keep it going.This unfortunately means if we are ever going to get back into public parks and even rech halls electric CL with RC motor control has to be the go, this would address public safety fears-could not be worse than 90mph electric park flyer and could be argued its safer on lines.

Happy now?  ;)


Title: Re: The Hell Cat's Latest Mission...
Post by: Sundance12 on May 27, 2012, 07:54:02 AM
I have had model engines get slow and then almost stop and then burp and run in reverse all in mid flight. Well, operating in reverse mid flight does not last so long and there is little to do about it but ride out the impending hard landing.


Bruce F.

Title: Re: The Hell Cat's Latest Mission...
Post by: C/L Gee Bee on July 25, 2012, 11:28:58 AM
I had a Ringmaster with an old McCoy .35 that would start first flip. every time.
I used to wear tennis shoes when flying, we'd run the lines out and my pal would give the McCoy a few drops of prime, and connect the battery clips.
I'd act nonchalont, walk up, and kick the 10/6 nylon prop with my tennie. Start every time.

One day I was doing touch-and-gos, and the prop bit the dirt. Engine stopped, and I did a bounce-landing, only when the prop hit again, it restarted!
I was never so surprised in my life.

Another time, we primed a K&B Torpedo and connect the plug clip and the thing started. Backfire, then running! Scary, because it was on a Half Fast flying wing!
Lucky I had a firm hold on it...