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Author Topic: DF jet crash and repair  (Read 492 times)
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« on: December 12, 2012, 01:44:43 PM »

I bought a ducted fan jet (polystyrene foam), beautiful replica of the italian/brazilian AMX fighter, ARF edition.
Radio and receiver were less beautiful. They worked only in the test phase, on the first real flight the plane already crashed because of radio failure. This was when I came to know that it was of polystyrene foam and not of the tougher polypropylene foam (EPO). I dont know what happens to me with jets, they all have the tendency to fall out of the sky and become vertical oil drills. (I never found any oil, only mud) I think I am a reasonable pilot, but it seems not with jets. Well, after the first repair, picking up all the bits and pieces, which were not so many, I repaired the jet, threw all the chinese electronics out and replaced it by good Futaba 2.4 GHz hardware. The two subsequent flights were good but the battery showed already a tendency to weaken prematurely. I should have thrown it out, too. The next flight brought disaster. The battery failed after the initial climbing curve and the jet became an oil drill again. The result you can see in the below picture. Now there were MANY bits and pieces. First I thought to throw the whole rest away, but as the fan and the servos were still moving I joined all pieces in a plastic bag and brought it home. There it stayed on my work shop table for some days with an accusing air: When will you repair me? The bits and pieces were nearly all shrunk, expanded or bent and the puzzle did not fit together. I tried to stretch and bend some pieces into the original form, but there are limits with polystyrene foam, it is very brittle and I really divided some parts into more pieces. It took me one week and an enormous patience to glue piece to piece with white glue (used mostly for wood, slow drying) which is one of the possible glues, CA destroys polystyrene. With a lot of rubber bands and Graupner pins I did the miracle, you can see it below.
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DF jet crash and repair
DF jet crash and repair
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