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Author Topic: 2013 Guillow's "G" Challenge  (Read 844 times)
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« on: December 19, 2012, 06:03:34 PM »

Hi Everyone!

The 2013 "G"Challenge will be a one design challenge for the Guillow's #703, Edge 540, to be flown free-flight with rubber, CO2, or electric power.

Here are the rules for the 2013 Guillow's "G"Challenge


a. The "G" Challenge is open to anyone in the world.

b. There is no entry fee.

c. You must have a Yahoo login ID and join the group Guillow's "G" Challenge.


d. This group and the Challenge were created and are maintained by its moderator for the enjoyment of Guillow's model enthusiasts and has no official connection with Paul K. Guillow, Inc.


a. There are three first prizes for 2013, Flying, Best Appearance and Craftsmanship, and Overall Combined score.

b. A Guillow's kit prize will be awarded to each first prize winner

c. You may enter more than one model, but only the highest scoring model will be considered in each category.

d. All models will be judged for Appearance and Craftsmanship. A model is considered for the Flying prize simply by posting a flying time in the entry database.

e. The Overall Combined Score ranking is the combination of the appearance points and the flying points.

3. Eligible models:

a. This challenge is a one design challenge for the Guillow's #703, Edge 540, laser cut model.


a. The model must be built with the kit wood . You may order replacement sheet wood from Guillow if a sheet that came in the kit is too heavy. (You may have to pay for it.)

b. A model is considered built with the kit wood if the primary structure, ribs, formers, and sheet wood outlines came out of Guillow's laser cut sheet wood and the plastic parts from the kit are used. The kit wood may be lightened by any method, and other, reinforcing structure may be added if desired.

c. The nose may be modified to make the prop bearing more stable and adjustable.

5.Landing Gear:

a. This model has fixed landing gear.

b. If desired, the landing gear may be made to disconnect from the model in event of a crash landing.

6. Power:

a. The model may use a two or three-bladed propeller.

b. The prop may be of larger diameter than the prop supplied in the box and may be made of wood or plastic. If the model is rubber powered complete front end assemblies,such as the Gizmo Geezer, are allowed.

c. Any replacement thrust button may be used for rubber power.

d. The model may be powered by rubber bands, a CO2 motor or an electric motor.

e. CO2 and electric motors will be limited to 30 seconds of run time for flight timing.

f. If the model is rubber powered the motor peg may be moved from the kit position.

7. Covering:

a. The model must be covered with tissue or plastic film.

8. Finish:

a. The model may be finished as any any Edge 540 that exists or might have existed. Imagination is encouraged.

b. If finished as an actual aircraft a photo of the aircraft modeled must be posted along with the required entry photos to qualify for extra points.

9. Time Limit:

a. The Challenge starts with the posting of these rules.

b. The deadline for finishing the model and posting pictures

and flying time is October 31,2013.

10. Judging:

a: Appearance and Craftsmanship judging will be on the basis of 100 possible points for appearance. An additional 2 points will be added to any score when the model is a representation of an actual aircraft. The photo of the actual aircraft must be posted with the required entry photos to get the additional points.

b. The Flying points are awarded on the basis of the best three flights made by the model before the Challenge deadline.

The time of each flight is entered in the database and the points per flight are awarded as a straight total of the three flights in seconds. An official flight is a minimum of 10 seconds. Entry is on the honor system.

Flying points are awarded as follows:

1 to 40 seconds.......each second = one point.
41 to 93 seconds.......each second = one half point.
Over 93 seconds...no additional points...bragging rights.

Maximum possible overall flying points = 198 (3 flight total).

Actual maximum flight times will be used to rank flying times in event of a tie.

c. The Overall Combined Score ranking is the combination of the Appearance and Craftsmanship points and the Flying points. The maximum possible Overall Combined Score is 300 possible points. Actual maximum flight times will be used to rank Overall Combined Scores in event of a tie.

d. The staff at Guillow has kindly volunteered to do the appearance judging from the posted photographs. Their scores are final.

e. When all the appearance point scores have been received by the moderator the results will be posted in a database, 2013 Challenge Results.

11. Posting:

a. An album, 2013 Challenge Entry Photos, will be set up for the required entry photos. Post a 3/4front view and 3/4 rear view jpeg image of the model, with your name + 1 for the front view and + 2 for the rear view. The image should have at least 720 X480 resolution with 1024 X 768 desirable. A database, 2013 CHALLENGE ENTRY, will be set up for the flight times and short comments about the model.


Let the Fun begin!


Qua sublata omnia praecepta legis
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