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Author Topic: RDF in Pistachio Scale  (Read 14019 times)
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« Reply #75 on: April 01, 2019, 10:28:11 AM »

An impeller with many blades tends to swirl the air.  A stator is a series of static vanes that catch the swirl and straighten it out.  This turns rotational energy into straight thrust energy.
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« Reply #76 on: April 07, 2019, 03:43:34 PM »

Many thanks for yours interest and suggestions
such aas to build a Vampire, a Tunnan or a Delphin...With carved Fuselage, landing gerar Windows
as cheting hole, monocoque sheet Wood fuselage etc...So many interesting Ideas, and there would
be more places for others creativity ideas...Please make it happen build one and test it , the
pionnier duty is very payful.
But plese notice this challenge: We are speking of RUBBER drived Ducted Fan models...
In opposite to all These tiny low weight / high power actual electric Motors and Lipo battery Aggregates
we could do EVERY JET Models we would like at every size with about more than 1000 RPS or 60K rpm,
without Problems even this Lockheed Martin F35 Figthers with VTOL Funktion.,, + Tiny RC Device.
But wiht Rubber band Energy, many things is limited, very limited such as : numbers of turns to be loaded,
low thrust, low diam fan, the model have to be Keep light, very light, incredible light...Thus we have not many choice
than to choose a model with relaive largest Motor exhaus, longest fuselage to get enogh turns fron Rubber
babd...With a Vampire you things are not that much for Motor Exhaus diam. and fuse lenhgt for Rubber.
the same with Tiny Motor Exhaus from Tunnan and Delphin...
Why do I massively maltreat my self with These tiny RDF ? to take and win a challenge that encounted me
60 years ago when i was a 13 teenager . I tried to make one 25 mm RDF unit without any success...
The f104G and Mirage III (scale not semi scale witd  Motor exhaus9 Spanning less than 8 inches proved
that this dream can be realised.
With others Tiny Pistachio scale Props models the flytime are 6 times longer, much more than a Minute.
In the near future I "dream" to move the fly time These RDF to X2 to x3 times longer. by skeeping
These models as near scale and so small as possible. The next challenge for me.
The choice of RDF , with criterions as described abive,, models is now limited to F8 Crusader, Mig 21 PF;
D558-1 Skystreak, F104G and Mirage...

Thank you for your Attention

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