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Author Topic: R/C Penny Plane  (Read 260 times)
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« on: March 19, 2018, 08:07:45 AM »

This was my first really successful indoor r/c model, based on a Penny Plane style rubber model.
Most of the structure is 1/16 sq. balsa and covering is Mylar. The motor is a geared 6x14 mm job and the radio gear (like the motor) was stolen from a Mini Aviator foamie. It's IR and uses a hinged actuator for rudder control. IIRC, flying weight was a shade under 10 grams, but that's because I used tape to secure the Mylar where it hadn't stuck properly. Knowing what I know now, and using modern gear I could probably shave a couple of grams off that.
Flying it was a very relaxed affair. Adjust the wing incidence until it would glide and then proceed to fly it in a sort of radio guided free-flight fashion. Set up rudder trim for 20 foot circuits (our hall is pretty small) and watch it cruise gently around at little more than walking pace. If it got too close to an obstruction, just add a straight leg to the away from obstacle part of the circuit and then continue circling. Given a larger venue it could have been flown better, but I enjoyed it.
It came to an untimely end when the wife accidently knocked it off that stand you see, and made the mistake of trying to catch it.

If anyone would like the plans, just contact me.

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R/C Penny Plane
R/C Penny Plane
R/C Penny Plane

Peter Rake UK - Will be missed by all that knew him.
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