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Author Topic: ELAN Indoor Cat Glider for SO  (Read 896 times)
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« on: April 23, 2016, 04:34:21 PM »

Our local SO team is headed to the National Tourney in Wisconsin. Their State competition had a 60' ceiling and they won that event using a Cat III style glider. With Wisconsin, Stout, the flying site will be in a fieldhouse with decent footprint but only 30' high. One would think that the Freedom Flight Glider will do well but our team is starting with the glider from RC Retro. The next step will be this design, the ELAN 1. It is all balsa, in fact, it is all hobby shop wood carefully selected and no carbon fiber on the prototype. The glider has features that reflect the influences of Bill and Kurt with some added details. This glider is an intro to using a grip under the wings (1/64 ply). The wings were sanded using an electric palm sander first with fine grit sandpaper and then gradually hand sanded and polished. All up flying weight is 3.21 grams. The 'winglets' are 1/32 balsa with the grain set a 45 degrees. The fin is offset 1 degree to give a right hand orbit. Glider can be launched at 45 degrees or at about 70 degrees and transitions from either launch attitude as long as some bank is added to their launch (ala' Kurt Krempetz)

We tested today in a fieldhouse with a 30' ceiling. With minor trim adjustments, it was making consistent flights between 29-31 seconds. The next version will have thinner sanded wings and a lacing of carbon fiber. The fuselage is set to get top and bottom carbon fiber tow.

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ELAN Indoor Cat Glider for SO
ELAN Indoor Cat Glider for SO
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