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Author Topic: Old Dogs, New Tricks  (Read 981 times)
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« on: April 13, 2008, 09:09:50 AM »

Old yes, new tricks not really more just a return to earlier experiences.

I fly mostly RC these days simply because there is little free flight or control activity in the area in which I live. I dabble as best as I can with FF CLG and a bit of rubber and some control line when I can get someone to lend a hand. During the winter months there has been a pretty active group of indoor RC flyers. A couple of years ago just before the New Year I posted a simple challenge simply called "The New Years Challenge".

Quoting from my report of the event:

New Years Eve Challenge 2005

On whim I posted plans for a small 5 inch wingspan parlour flyer with the challange to build one and
fly it at our last indoor flying session at the RA Centre. Flyer with the highest flight time would be the Grand Ottawa Palour Flyer for 2005.

There where 8 flyers in total and all flyers and spectators alike enjoyed the event. I didn't really know what to expect of these tiny flyers but after we managed to figure out to throw them to best advantage our flight times became quite reasonable. We flew two rounds of three flights each and Bill Nickel was our offical time keeper.

Art Lane and several others from the London area where going to give it a try; results are still pending.

Xavier from the Montreal area also built one and submitted a photo and added these comments:

In French, "pas lourd" pronounced "pa-lour" means "not heavy". Sure this thing is light. My digital scale starts at 2g so I can't weight it.


I find that an interesting twist of word play so perhaps we should adopt "Pa-Lour" to describe our challenge.

So, the Ottawa Grand Pa-Lour Flyers 2005 are Nigel and Jeff tied with an official max flight times of 9.97 seconds. Second is Marten at 9.87 and third is Graham at 9.48.

Unoffically, the max flight time of the day is 10.46 by Jeff. It should be mentioned that Jeff was flying a plane built by Marten, Jeff did the final trimming however. I was quite pleased with the performance of these little flyers. A bit more careful selection of balsa, weight control, trimming and throwing practice and I think we would see consistent flight times of 10+ seconds with high flight times of perhaps 12 or more.

You will note in the listed flight times, two entries with an A after the time. There where a couple of quite aerobatic flights of a couple of flights that where of note and these where the two best noted times.

There where 4 or 5 young spectators and after the last offical flights we let them have a go at the chuck gliders. These youngsters had a real blast and where able to take home "their" chuck gliders when we where done.

1          2          3          4          5          6          Best      Average
Pierre Audette3.52.973.542.76.14.42A6.13.87
Marten Douma9.69.875.878.586.678.319.878.15
Gerry Pronovost8.
Graham Collins7.857.798.069.487.438.279.488.15
Jeff Dessert6.67.685.67A9.978.979.349.978.03
Nigel Chippindale9.976.574.643.153.943.339.975.27
Ed King5.14.14.775.
Gudmund Thompson

Art Lane and the STIFF gang from London had a go as well and had some favourable comments.

All in all, a lot of fun and great way to end the year.

attached are a copy of the plans, a group photo, a photo of my plane and one of Xavier's (not necessarily in that order)

cheers, Graham in Ottawa
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Old Dogs, New Tricks
Old Dogs, New Tricks
Old Dogs, New Tricks
Old Dogs, New Tricks
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