Hip Pocket Image Resizer/Reducer

Please report any errors to Ratz, via PM, on the forum.

STEP 1: Click the BROWSE button and navigate to the image on your computer... select it...

The default setting of Width: 1280 pixels should get your picture down to smaller than 400k. If not, try 1024. Please do not Enlarge your pictures as they will end up looking like cr*p!

STEP 2: Click the "Submit" button.

Be patient, let the program process your image.

When it's done processing, a window will open asking you to Save your new image. The new image will go in the folder you have predefined as the default download folder in your Browser settings or to where ever you otherwise choose. IMPORTANT!! The new image will have the same name as the original so be careful not to overwrite your original.

Upload your GIF, JPG, JPEG, or PNG image:

Choose a height or width you want your image to be:

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